MEININGER Budapest Great Market Hall with 184 rooms and 751 beds is located next to Fővám Square Central Market Hall, near the Danube promenade.

The capital of Hungary has grown with a new hotel. The striking, wave-like concrete and glass building is located in the immediate vicinity of the city center.

The interior design concept was inspired by the Hungarian Applied Arts and the Central Market Hall of the neighboring Fővám Square, which is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in Europe with its neo-Gothic style. Today's successful hotels have a local identity. The interior design of the MEININGER Budapest Great Market Hall, with this approach in mind, awaits its guests with interiors with unique style elements, reflecting the characteristics of the built environment of the Hungarian capital.


Public areas such as reception, lobby, breakfast room, lounge and bar are on the spacious ground floor. In addition, the building has underground parking and a hotel kitchen featuring a hotel chain and a games room, while the top-floor rooms have scenic views of the Danube and the Old Town.

red bull air race

In the past few weeks, the Red Bull Air Race organizers have also reviewed a number of rural locations after the mayor's office in Budapest announced in early February that they would not give permission to hold the aerobatic competition. They also visited several Lake Balaton locations, in which the airports of Sármellék, Siófok-Kiliti and Szentkirályszabadja can also be considered.


The decision has been made, Zamárdi (at Lake Balaton) will be the new venue, but the organizers will have even more details with the authorities. The event is expected to put a strain on the settlement, similar to Balaton Sound, but it will also be an enormous, enjoyable experience during beaching and has a great advertising value for the entire holiday region.

The Hotel Mercure Budapest City Center won the Hotel of the Year Award. On 18 February, the Hungarian Travel Agents Association (MUISZ) awarded the 2018 service provider awards at an award ceremony in the hotel industry.

In 2018, one of the 19 hotels in AccorHotels Hungary, the Mercure Budapest City Center, was honored to receive the Hotel of the Year Award.

The Service Provider of the Year awards the MUISZ to prominent tourists selected through a tender. The Mercure Budapest City Center Hotel has been awarded the second prize in a short time, as the Hotel of the Year Award was also awarded a final in the Hotel Design Design Lobby of the Year. “It is an extraordinary pride that the fruit of the work of the past two years seems to ripen. We have always striven to open up new dimensions in the service industry by renovating our hotel with a quality and innovative renewal. It is a real pleasure for me to recognize this hard work as a renowned professional organization such as the Association of Hungarian Travel Agencies, ”said the hotel manager at the Mercure Budapest City Center.

The 239-room Mercure Budapest City Center is an iconic hotel on the main street of downtown Pest, based on the plans of József Finta. Since March 2007, the hotel is part of the Mercure brand of AccorHotels, and since 2015 it has been operated by the Orbis Group alongside other AccorHotels hotels in Central and Eastern Europe. The hotel was completely renovated in 2016/17. After the renovation, the hotel lobby has been renewed. The new lobby offers an open and reassuring atmosphere, making the tracing process a simple and enjoyable experience.

Guests arrive on arrival at the hotel’s special WineStone restaurant. The renewed lobby is not only special in Budapest because of its operation, but also in terms of design design. The hotel's WineStone restaurant is a real regional hotel innovation, launched in 2013 in Poland.

Orbis & AccorHotels has 19 hotels in Hungary covering all hotel segments ranging from luxury to economy, and is currently working on the renovation and development of the entire Hungarian network.

Finally, a hotel where claustrophobic people can have a quiet heart, as there are so many spaces outside of the community areas, even in the smallest rooms, where everyone can boldly entertain a sense of closeness.
On the upper levels there are some rooms that we would not recommend, however, because of the ceiling-to-ceiling glass ceiling through which you can look across the inner garden through the six floors - but in addition, the new luxury hotel has a variety of unique solutions, lavish fabrics, wallpapers, fabrics, thick, heavy curtains, expensive furniture, beautiful carpets and tiles with unique motifs, sometimes special bathtubs as the room furnishings and seemingly quaint, but also unique design elements - known small paintings on the walls or the beautiful old-fashioned home telephones that make up the specialty of a new hotel.

The house, worthy of its name, is enchanted, and between the Doric, Ionian and Corinthian columns we can see almost the elite company of the secret freemasons here and there. Best of all, we can feel this on the 4th floor of a large-sized restaurant, the size of which can be said that even theatrical performances could be held, including a complete playground.
The look, the design, the whole appearance of the room, which extravagantly invokes styles that are still historical and at the same time homage - I can not imagine today on the domestic hotel palette.

The Mystery Hotel, built as a generous property of a large-scale home-builder, will be one of Budapest's most prestigious building blocks in the building, both in the restaurant and the spa area of ​​Rome. most notably the most special five-star hotel.

lake balaton"Today and in the future we want to offer our customers not only accommodation at Lake Balaton, but also a complex experience," said the regional director of They break through the traditional portal portraits and real partners try to plan the trip. Nowadays, passengers can get virtually all the information they need to get to the destination they want to visit and 90% of them online. The purpose of is to cover the entire spectrum of travel, including flight booking, car rental and table reservation. These services can be secured through its sister companies, which started in 1996 as one of the Dutch hotel booking firms, and today it has an international giant company with 17,000 employees and 200 offices worldwide and 29 million online hits.

All their development is based on data, analyzing them precisely to see what the guest needs and to run tests in order of magnitude 1000. They can also offer personalized accommodation, as well as places of interest, for age, age, nationality. In recent years, payment opportunities have been developed and its many forms are offered, mobile payment is an innovation. The expert also pointed out that many of their recommended Budapest attractions can not be paid with a card, which involves a third party in the process. The use of artificial intelligence at the company is already present: through the Booking Assistant chatbot a software responds quickly and efficiently to our questions.

The virtue of the is that it has made it popular and even popular with hotels in non-hostels. Their popularity is outstanding in the Middle East. According to experts, besides Budapest, Balaton has enormous potential and it is expected that the site will soon be filled with hotels in Balaton.

"By the time we come to our guest, they have sold them a lot of programs and services online. This is likely to affect the role of concierges, but will also make it personal, and the added value that local knowledge means will hopefully always be a customer.

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